LGBTQ is an acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Queer or Questioning describing a person’s sexual Orientation.
Let us directly jump into the brief history of why only June is the pride month. This started in June, 1969 at stonewall riots in New York’s Greenwich, catalyzed the gay community. From here it was the new beginning of the Era and it became an important month for the LGBT community in all over the world.
It was the 42nd President of the United States of America declared June “Gay and Lesbian Pride Month” in 1999 and 2000. And again in 2009-2016 44th President Obama declared June as “LGBT Pride Month”.
The people all over the world face torture not only from society but from their families too. They visage criticism, violence and inequality. This not only stops here it’s a way long with sexual abuse from family, friends and close ones which makes them choose the wrong paths but people don’t accept them for what they are. Some are even forced and named it as mental illness but it is not.

The LGBT community is as colorful as its flag which was created in 1978 by Gilbert Baker, a Vietnam War Veteran and a performer. These colors are Hot pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Indigo and violet which expresses Sex, Life, Healing, Sunlight, Nature, Art, Harmony and spirit respectively. These colors not only symbolizes specific traits but also shows that what really is this community to us.

Now let us go through the Indian scenario of accepting LGBT community.

Indians find it really difficult when it’s about acceptance and love of homosexuals, this happens because they were never taught about the homosexuality. But now there are amendments and changes in the society where our generation is knowing and accepting them as normal people and yes, they are normal. They always find it difficult as they are compared and criticized for having traits of opposite sex or to love the same sex.
Can you Imagine the situation where one can’t love from his or her choice?
Love isn’t biased as we are. The most recent revolutionize moment in the Indian history was in 2018 where The Supreme Court of India decriminalized homosexuality by declaring Section 377 of Indian Penal Code unconstitutional in respect to homosexual sex between adults.

 Most LGBT community people in India do not prefer an open relationship and still India do not have laws for homosexual marriages so, they go abroad where they can marry. Acceptance and equality are the most important gestures our society has to show.

“Why to celebrate only a month for pride, why not the whole year?”

We really need to change our mindsets for the society and what we will give to our next generations as a strong threshold of accepting one’s choices and priorities.
“I think one must never be afraid of what he/she is because at the end of the day it’s just you and your choices with happiness and satisfaction.”

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