Love yourself at this particular moment, it is the need of an hour as everyone of us is stuck in this pandemic. We are connected by this digital platform where one can find thousands of ways to relax, entertain, work and what not from working to learning everything is done from home. But in all this our schedule are the most affected which causes unnoticed changes in our body and mind which includes lack of confidence, anxiety, stress which can reflect in your behavior or in the way you talk. This can also cause rudeness in your behavioral pattern or can make your relationships weaker.

The journey to spare some time for yourself from the hectic schedule might look so strenuous but once you start doing what you love, doesn’t matter daily, or once in a week or a month, it becomes a part of your life. Hot showers, yoga, jogging, listening to music, writing or reading there are numerous ways one can relax. Start to love yourself and stop doubting your worth as this will be the very first step toward your own personality growth.

As Oscar Wilde once said, “to love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance”.

In this Pandemic you can start your journey to pamper yourself and make it a habit for better self. This will definitely be very satisfying and will make you do better in your professional life too. Make yourself feel proud whenever you take any step for good purpose.


Self-Love is not just a pretty physical process.

It is the process where one has to keep a check on their demons too. Always try to overcome your negatives by your positives. Love yourself even in the most difficult situations as this will be the silver lining in the black clouds. Controlling your negative thoughts in difficult situations can be a stressful task but that is what we need to learn. There this always a silver lining in a black cloud, loosing hope can’t be the best way as it will only bring anxiety and depression on your way.

When you start loving yourself, you start believing in your inner self which brings back your confidence and you start taking steps toward what you really dream of. Don’t fake love yourself rather love yourself to detach your fake personality within your soul too.

Never underestimate your gut feeling.


Always keep yourself, first priority, also includes loving yourself with all your flaws and working on them to become a better version of yourself. Always keep going, take your life as a journey and travel it with fun and dedication so, you can reach the most beautiful and deserved destination. Doubting your self worth will never lead you to the best place which you deserve and wish.

When a woman is in love, usually leaves in back of herself including her self respect which is the blunder one can do. When you don’t respect yourself and when you don’t love yourself how can someone else can do the same to you. If you respect yourself, you can make others compel to do the same but you can’t compel them to love you. So, always have this in your mind that being kind for no purpose always anticipates the eternal purpose of life.

There are people who either sacrifices or dedicate their lives in helping other people either by funding, raising NGOs, nursing and nurturing, etc. this kind of affection and caring is known as agape love.

One of the best instances of agape love can be the God’s love in humanity in the form literature of bible. When we do anything for a person who is known or unknown to you is the clear example of this kind of love.

So loving yourself as to love others as well as what we have seen above can really bring changes in your lifestyle. Putting yourself first is never the wrong choice one can make. Always take every step in your life with more confidence as it’s not about people that will matter to you but it’s you and your choices which matters the most.

Love yourself the most as no one will ever love you the way you can love yourself.

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