The Incredible Story of 2020 Year to Remember

What 2020 has brought us so far: floods, fires, quakes and deaths of animals and what not including a pandemic.

The year 2020 never had a very great start for the whole world. As we are in the halfway of this year all we can see that we are drastically driven by the nature. Not only a specific country or a region is facing the push of nature but the whole country is facing the same.   Can we say what we did in these many years now happening to us in the worst way. From mid of December 2019 till date, we are in the mid of June 2020, can clearly see that we as humans never paid heed about the nature and now the nature is doing the same. This has to happen one day sooner or later as we only made this condition for ourselves.  

We’ve lost thousands and thousands of lives, billions of animals and homes, wildlife and almost everyday inch by inch things are getting shattered. We as humans must give a thought that where are we standing at this particular moment, what are we facing and what’s more to come in future.

Now let’s see what all happened in 2020 till midway of June

  • Australian Bush Fire which made billions of animals lost their lives. This fire started from June 2019 and took a devastating mode in December 2019 and till today also we can see some parts are still igniting. Australia evidences one of the most drastic, out-of-control fire. This was the black summer for the whole country. Thousands of people lost their homes, lives and almost everything, overall economic loss can be estimated around $100 billion which is huge in itself.
  • Detrimental Floods In Indonesia’s capital city Jakarta made people evacuate their homes soon after this disaster. Landslides and flash floods have displaced more than 36,000 people in Jakarta and nearby areas. According to the World Bank by 2050 Jakarta will be 16 feet below sea level as every year it sinks by 6 to 10 feet
  • The Terrible Corona which is still continuing its spread was started from the host city Wuhan, China. The first case was recorded in Thailand outside of China, now there are 188 countries which are facing this pandemic. India itself have more than 3 lakhs cases with 9,590 death sand a recovery rate of 51% with 1,72,313 recovered. With all this New Zealand became the first country to free itself from this COVID-19. All we need is to break the chain of this so fast spreading virus by staying at home and taking required precautions.
  • Locust Swarms in parts of India and Asia make farmers weaker than they were with the COVID-19. They cause major agricultural damage and can easily ruin the crop. This had happened after 26 years that they broke the record in their numbers. They can eat same as 35,000 people in just a day which is horrifying in itself. The Agriculture had a great impact by these locusts and made the country realise that even an insect can ruin the lives of numerous people.
  • Snow in Antarctica is gradually turning green due to the microscopic algae which is forming across the facet of the snow. The climate change always had a great influence on the mankind and this can be seen with the fastest melting snow on the planet. The so called green snow can be seen from the space
  • Forest Fire in Uttarakhand has become one of the most difficult work for fire fighters to control the raging fire. It started with 5-6 Hectares of forests in Pauri Garhwal districts of Srinagar has now reached 51 hectares of forests covering multiple districts of  Uttarakhand. The dry spells of the forests made the fire more uncontrollable and took lives of citizens and left many with severe injuries.
  • Cyclone Amphan in India is a tropical cyclone which effected the Eastern India and West Bengal at large along with Bangladesh in May 2020. It is the strongest cyclone ever recorded in the Bay of Bengal. Evacuation of almost 3,00,000 people took place in almost a week and destroyed property and nature in abundance.

Those were some incidents which prove that humans are getting what they did from past decade. We can see that just like a boomerang all our guilts are coming back. Nurturing nature and keeping it safe must be a priority of oneself. There are many more instances where we can see the nature harming human and making human realize that what they did was so cruel and worst that the consequences are in front of us.   Not a single day in our lives spends without giving a thought that “what will be the next?” and “when will be back to our normal lives?”. This pandemic even made people feel like this is going to be the new normal for them.   Being kind to nature is the need of an hour. If not now then the consequences can be worse than this   because we are living on the edge. So, there’s still a hope that we can rise from this tenebrosity.        

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